¨Show me a man who never failed, and I´ll show you a man who has never tried…¨

My name is Francisco Ovalle. I was born and grew up in a small island of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, where to get into robotics, and similar hobbies are considered to be a luxurious thing.

Back in my home country, I completed my Degree in Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. I attended the University of Seville in Spain, where I completed a Master’s Degree in Experimental and Clinical Investigation, where I had the opportunity to work in labs among glasses, animals, and many weird devices.

My working life has been bouncing among teaching chemistry and biology in the Dominican Republic, writing medical articles in the Czech Republic, and working as a physician in my country and Germany….sorry in Deutschland!

In my spare time, I enjoy “nerding” into robotics, tech, and health science topics.

I can’t stop! So, keeping myself fit is also an essential part of my life. I’ve practiced Capoeira since 2005, run marathons, and enjoy mountain biking and hiking.

I also travel frequently and have visited and worked in countries around the world, immersing himself in vibrant cultures and being fascinated by the differences and complexities that human beings possess.